Bad Times

New Album Out

Bad Times LP is the culmination of the intense work the band has been undertaking since before the pandemic. Various subjects are treated in 9 songs, paralleling the ups and downs the band has experienced throughout all these uncertain times.

The album has great featurings such as Tito Bonacera or Vincen García.



Altar Live Version

Our album “Bad Times” was launched with a vibrant concert at Jamboree Club in Barcelona, showcasing an expanded, funk-infused performance. Enjoy the live version of “Altar” performed by Groove Nazar BIg Band!



Everything started with an innocent little riff that Jacin played during a jam we had back in 2020. It immediately lit a fire under our asses which made us finish the song that very day! Until then we hadn’t composed anything that heavy. Still, we could imbue our funk and “Nazar” so it was definitely ours: another baby that would one day spread her wings and fly… Well, that day has come.



Third chapter of our Indaroom Sessions! Cobre stopped by the Nazar HQ to drop some fat bass lines to this song included in our new album!


Even if the quality of being difficult to categorize is oftentimes regarded as the black plague of our age, the band takes pride in its unyielding quest to become a renown mixologist in the exciting world of fizzy musical liquors. Still, savvy music critics are welcome to put whatever label. The groove is here, the groove is there, the Groove is anywhere for the keen hearted. That delightful riff, that syncopated rhythm, that flirty melody, spiced with a devilish touch - the Nazar. This is not an exact recipe, but a mouth-watering description of a main-course dish in the menu of that fancy restaurant with the tinted windows, perhaps... All you have to do is to order it and taste it for yourself.

The band

Jacin Castrillo

He is a larynx virtuoso with a keen eye for juicy arrangements. Also a brilliant guitar master who has a penchant for odd-time licks. Among his hobbies are helping bulk carriers dock ports and record long voice messages.

Osman Konuray

Barely recovering from a childhood trauma (stolen bike), he learned to solve his mental problems by striking metal and plastic, sometimes even wood, at ridiculously fast tempos. In his free time, he teaches thermodynamics in a U-NI-VER-SI-TY

Alex Albalá

They say he has an invisible third hand. An uncontested powerhouse of melodic and harmonic forces, he can even play the keyboard with his foot. Be a good kid and maybe one day you can see him do it!


Don't be fooled by her good girl appearance, she is a dragon that can take human form. With the bass, the dragon is often seen


He was abducted by aliens in 69 on his way to the Woodstock festival, and appeared at the Holy Family in 2001, since then he's been looking for a place to play funk. No one knows his age, it is believed that he may be over a hundred


Always with a different cap, if you see him 2 days with the same cap, he will pay you a beer.

What about that artwork


The man behind those covers. We've been collaborating with Otto since our first release, and certainly we can tell that he is part of GN somehow. A really good fellah... yes he is

Amelia Simanungkalit

From the moment we stumbled upon her vibrant portfolio, it was clear that Amelia's talent was very captivating. "Frenetic Outlaws, the videoclip" is a good example of it.

The man behind the lyrics

Martin Kerfoot

The wordsmith behind our most unforgettable lyrics - we've had the privilege of working with Martin since our very first album, and it's safe to say that he has become an integral part of our creative process


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